Behind the Lens: A collection of Photos

There is something new at Powder Propaganda. We are going to start bringing more color and life to the site with Behind the Lens. Geared toward capturing, shredding and some other cool stuff. We will be hopefully keeping this series around for a while. Hope you enjoy. -JR

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Sam Taxwood is here to collect

Taxwood getting hip. Photo by Mike Yoshida.

With the way paved by legends of snowboarding, snowboarding is becoming saturated with crowds of young talent. Standing out is getting harder every year, and the standard of what it takes is constantly on the rise. Sam Taxwood is among those in the crowds, but unlike thousands of hopefuls he definitely not having issues getting attention. Continue reading

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Eric Wangsgaard: A name worth remembering

Eric Wangsgaard is in a fight.

And along with crowds of other young hopefuls flooding the industry, the rider from Logan, Utah, is working to stand out.

Wangsgaard has been raised riding mountains and is passionate about the industry. Continue reading

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Missing the Snow

Lets face it, last season for the most part was a bust. From storms that wouldn’t come, to overly hot winter months, it was depressing. However, there were a few good days riddled in between the lot of terrible ones. Continue reading

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Griffin Siebert: Keeping it in the family

Backside 180 over some metal. Photo by Rob Mathis

Griffin Siebert’s name will be popping up more as time will tell, so you may as well remember it now. And for good reason, he is filming for three different crews including Nitro and Park City, but he is just getting started. The 19-year old hailing from Utah is following in his big brother Zach’s footsteps, of progressing snowboarding while simply having fun with it. Zach Siebert has been featured multiple times in Finger on da Trigger Productions, with heavy urban and backcountry shots and Griffin obviously came from the same bloodline.

But, at the rate Siebert is going he won’t need to be following any footsteps, he will make his own. Continue reading

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Next Season = Binding Revolution

JF Pelchat’s NOW iPO.

This coming season is going to be a an interesting year for the binding market. New technologies are coming out of the woodwork and are changing the way the industry thinks of strapping in. Continue reading

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Next Season = All-Mountain

Rome Double Agent split.

Snowboard companies seem to be in a frenzy to get more freestyle geared board technology into all mountain boards. Wether it is splitting them down the middle or building directional boards with the playfulness of a park board, things are changing.

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The How-to on setting up your skateboard.


Here is an in-depth, how-to on assembling a skateboard. From grip tape to bearings, we show you the ropes. Even though most of you already know all of this, some of you need to know. Continue reading

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Deadlungs and deep turns: The Mark Edlund interview

For nearly a decade, Mark Edlund has been showing us the meaning of rail combinations. With his last second taps that landed him his nickname “Deadlung” he knows his way around metal. Continue reading

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Next Season = Canting

Sims X-Wedge, found at

This coming season is all about underfoot canting. Which basically means ramping under each foot, giving the sensation that your standing on a skateboard tip and tail. There have already been a handful of bindings that have previously been introduced with it.

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