S.I.A. Best-in-Snow: Volume One

Electric's new line-up.

The SnowSports Industry America, held their annual “Snow Show” from Jan 26 to 29, at the Denver Convention Center and we had the chance to see what the snowboard industry is about to drop upon us next year.

With nearly every company in attendance, there was always a new product to check out. And with the on-snow demo at Winter Park, Colo. it was easy to see what works and what is simply marketing hogwash.

There was a lot of good stuff from the show, so we are going to break up the coverage into two or three articles in order to do the gear some justice. So here is a look at our favorite gear for next year in what we are now calling, Powder Propaganda’s “Best-in-Snow.”

Someone said leave the best for last, but we are just too stoked on Capita Snowboarding’s new line-up to leave it until the end. The construction and technology has been at the forefront of the industry for years. And their edgy graphics, that may turn some buyers away, will undoubtedly rake in many others.

On the left is the new Stairmaster Extreme and it seems like it may be one of next years best sellers. It has shunned the reverse camber technology by maintaining a slight camber under foot. Combining the traditional camber with a reasonably soft flex it was a blast to jib in the park, while still getting ample pop for the jump section. The graphic was made by some high-school kid* that is really into Capita and would post his own graphics online. Long story short Blue, from Capita gave reached out to him and gave him an amazing opportunity to design these graphics.

The Capita Dan Brisse Experience or DBX.

After a lot of industry anticipation, the DBX is Dan Brisse’s new pro-model. Everyone that knows who Dan Brisse is, knows he devours everything and his new board should not be a disappointment. Their camber/rocker technology, with regular camber underfoot and rocker from the inserts out is aiming to bridge the gap between the two opposing technologies. The biggest drawback to the DBX is that it only comes in 157.

The Totally %$#@ Awesome.

The Totally %$#@ Awesome was our favorite board. Hands down best all around board feel. It performed well in the park, gripped through the ice with it’s death grip contact point and the powder that we found didn’t stand a chance. The board shares almost all characteristics as the DBX, except it’s a bit stiffer if our memory serves us correctly. Check out Capita’s website at www.capitasnowboarding.com.

Next on our list is Ashbury Eyewear. The construction on goggles and sunglasses was extremely solid and designs were more conservative and thought out, instead of using ridiculous color-ways and themes.

The Bullet is the newest goggle to the Ashbury line-up and was the most comfortable goggle that we tried on. The minimalist design felt very natural, instead of some goggles that look and feel like you have a welding mask on. They are good fit for most faces and head sizes and have some good classic color-ways.

The Warlock in Black and Gold.

The Warlock goggle gets an update and is looking pretty sleek.

Ashbury Kaleidoscope in Blue Acid Wash Denim.

The Kaleidoscope has some of the more exotic themes and color-ways, but are very well done for the more flashy goggle. Check out Ashbury at http://ashburyeyewear.com

Although headphones don’t physically make you a better snowboarder, some could argue that they are the best mental motivation when making turns or spinning off of wedges. So we will take a look at the new brand called Frends, that will be coming soon. The company was born from the ideas of Kier Dillon, Mason Aguirre, Scotty Lago and other big industry names. Their philosophy, that there is no I in Frends is a refreshing new take on the headphone industry.

The Frends Light.

The Frender edition Light.

The Light appears to be their flagship headphone, much like the Rock-Nation Aviators have become Skullcandy’s. The Light is very slim and comfortable and sound quality is top-notch. Also on the website you are able to create your own custom design on them. The warranty is only one year on all models, but the rep told us he received an email from a customer that said his dog chewed his headphones up and the rep sent him a new pair and a bag of doggy treats. So customer service sounds better than we are used to. Their site is up and running so you can get stoked on them here, http://www.wearefrends.com/

We will have more updates available on new gear throughout the week. So keep checking to see if the stuff you are looking for is on our Best-in-Snow. Also there was an error that was reported about the Capita graphics. It was actually done by a Utah Valley University student named Jacob Brooks. He has done work on other upcoming Capita boards and t-shirts. We apologize to Jacob for the mix-up and hope to see more graphics from him in the future. Go check out his site to see his other work.http://thedevilseye.com/

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2 thoughts on “S.I.A. Best-in-Snow: Volume One

  1. Lindsey says:

    Hey folks, there’s actually some messed up info about The Capita Stairmaster Extreme graphic. It was designed by Jacob Brooks who was a 22-year-old art major at the time while attending UVU when he was contacted by Blue. He’s not just “some high school kid”. Check him out, here’s a link to his website: http://thedevilseye.com/
    He also designed the graphics for the Outdoor Living, Saturnia, Microscope and some t’s as well.
    Just thought I’d let you all know!

    • Josh Ruggles says:

      We must have been misinformed, thanks for bringing it to our attention. We are stoked for Jacob and his success and apologize for calling him “some high school kid,” we will fix the errors and update it. Thanks again Lindsey for keeping us honest.

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